UEB 310C







The machine can be performing with many different Edgebands such as PVC, ABS, veneer and acrylic On different types of boards such as plywood, chipboard, MDF/HDF..


  • Dip the hot melt glue onto the panel, feed the edge to be glued onto the workpiece, cut the edgebanding coils to length automatically and gluing the applied edge firmly onto the panel.
  • Teflon coated gluepot to keep glue from adhering to the pot’s surface. It works wonders for
    clearing away burnt glue. gluepot with a 2 kilogram capacity and a 1.5 kw plate heating.
  • Having a nurling roller with a 500 watt heating element ensures that the panel’s edges are well
    adhered to.
  • The high quality superior wiper controlled the flow of glue.
  • These features are specially designed to ensure a consistently precise finish and superior quality.
  • and to avoid any poor quality and Inconsistency of glue.


  • A pressure roller group consists of 4 pressure roller diameters. The first pressure roller diameter is 150 mm and the remaining 3 pressure roller diameters are 100 mm.
  • all 3 pressure roller pneumatically operated. pressure can be adhustable by pnumatic pressure nobe. function of pneumatic cylinder operated by PLC
  • On the glue table, all pressure roller are mounted 1 degree tilted to each other side . This ensures that the glue is evenly and firmly distributed in the centre of the panel. It also prevents access overflow of glue on the panel surface.
  • The pressure rollers apply sufficient force to the panel to ensure that the glue adheres correctly and in the desired amount.
  • It offers incredible results with a smooth finish and a long-lasting edge attached to the panel.


  • Make additional cuts on the last edges of the panel. Equipped with high frequency motors with a power of 0.55 kW and 12,000 rpm and saw blades with a diameter of 150 mm..
  • This can be cut straight or at an angle of 0 to 15 degrees
  • High reliability and precision as Installed large linear guides
  • 2 saw blades diam. 104 x 3.0 x 22 mm, T = 30
  • This process ensures a precise edge finish for a perfect finished look..


  • Performs fine trimming of the top and bottom edges of the glued edge.
  • Comes with 2 high end frequency motors with suction hood and front and vertical Guide Plate
  • Motors manually tiltable between 2 working positions: Flush and radius trimming.
  • All spindles equipped with encoder readouts for fast adjustment
  • High Frequency spindle motor – 0.55 kw x 2, 200 hz , 12000 RPM


  • corner rounding unit for front and rear edges for perfect corner trimming.
  • This unit works in different profile in prosessed post forming machine like half nose, full nose, and duck nose.
  • having a capacity of 50 mm panel.
  • High Frequency spindle motor – 0.55 kw x 2, 200 hz , 12000 RPM
  • Workpiece length min – 150 mm, edgebanding thickness upto 1mm to 3mm
  • Thanks to it’s movement of circulating over the edge of panel with the help of linear guide ways and pneumatic cylinder gives the best result in the corner of panel


( Available only in UEB 240S Model *)

  • PVC Scrapping does finishing work on edgebanding edges..
  • Comes with standard profile of 2 mm.
  • It provides better edge, consistency, precision and smoothness..
  • Includes 2 R-profile blades with suction hood and front and vertical guide plate..


  • Spraying anti adhesive liquid on panel before buffing unit give the clean finishing surface.
  • Equipped with PLC controlled pneumatic flow.
  • This process cleans the entire treated area to make it look rich and well-groomed..


  • Edge banding machine buff wheels are used to polish and buff the edges of the top/bottom wood panels to create a smooth and glossy finish.
  • which makes them sturdier and lasts a longer.
  • Finishing the edge looks dimensional and attractive with this process.


High Speed Auto Edge Bander UEB-310 C

Heavy Duty Machine For Large Scale Production


UEB 310C Edge Banding Machine stands for Minimum Investment to get Maximum Output.

The UEB 310C series is your guarantee for absolute quality, flexibility and productivity. The smart element of the machine is exclusive price with attractive results.

UEB 310C Edge banding machine has ergonomic structure and the fastest, shortest and easy to be used system and designed for PVC, Foil, Lining Melamine and ABS applications thickness of which is from 0.4 mm up to 3 mm for workshops, factories and out sources with its highest quality.

Salient Features
  • High and machining performance High Speed Processing with user friendly and trouble free operation
  • Smart Touch PLC System integrated with encoder controlled every functions of the machines which gives accurate functioning
  • Motorised up-down of conveyer belt
  • Equipped with Diamond pre milling Cutter
  • Teflon coated glue pot easy for cleaning, 2.5 kg capacity of EVA glue
  • Safety air tank for constant supply of air to machine

Technical Specifications

Model UEB-310 C
Electric Level 415-220/50 hz
Edge Material Thickness 0.4-3 mm
Panel Thickness 10-50 mm
Minimum Width of The Panel 60 mm
Maximum Leangth of The Panel 130 mm
Converyer Speed 18 m/min
Conveyer Thickness Adjustment Electric
Conveyer Up/Down 0.37 kw
Total Electric Power 8 kw
Total Air Pressure 6-8 bars
End Cutting Unit Power 2 x 0.55 kw
Top/bottom Fine-triming Unit Power 2 x 0.55 kw
Corner Rounding Unit Power 2 x 0.3 kw
Buffing Unit Power 2 x 0.37 kw
Overall Size (L X H X W) 5400 X 1600 X 1000
Note: Technical specifications may be changed without any prior notice. Product images are just for the reference.

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Note: Technical specifications may be changed without any prior notice. Product images are just for the reference.
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