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Manual Beam Saw

Model: UBS 3200

Manual Beam Saw UBS 3200

Maximum Production Output with Excellent Cutting of Multiple Panels

Saw Carriages

The saw carriage hold 400mm dia meter main blade and standard 180mm dia meter scoring blades with independent motor.
Protected by special dust scrapers.
Pneumatic clamping for ensuring both ends clamping.

Slient Features

After automatically testing sheet material and calling off the length of needed sheet is will rapidly return to await orders.
The saw is firm and high quality guide track & saw blade ensure the stable mechanical performance.
Can saw many layers of boards to improve efficiency
Advanced dust precipitating system can reduce environmental pollution.

Computer Controlled Beam Saw Machine

Model UBS 3200
Max panel length 3200 mm
Max panel thickness 75 mm
Cutting speed 16/20/24m/min
Main saw speed 4500rpm
Scoring saw speed 6050rpm
Main saw blade diameter Ø350xØ30mm
Scoring saw blade diameter Ø160xØ24.5mm
Saw motor power 11kw
Driver motor power 1.5 kw
Fan motor 0.75 kwx3pcs/1.5 kwx1pc
Machine size 6630x4110x1620mm
Net weight 3200 kg
Touch screen No
Air floating worktable Optional
Roller worktable Yes
Note: Technical specifications may be changed without any prior notice. Product images are just for the reference.
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