We are the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of the export quality panel saw machines located at Ahmadabad India. Basically it is the machine with the sliding table that cuts the different material in to the required sizes. It is the quicker, accurate, effortless & safe and sound way for cutting plywood, plastic, & aluminum sheets. We have a different model of the existing product with gross capacity from 1600 mm to 3200 mm, as like UPS 1600, UPS 3200 A, UPS 3200 B, UPS 3200 C. It has sliding table that runs extremely smooth; also it contain a manual clamp for undersized job cutting .it also enclose a multi chamber system with the linier bar which provide the longer life to the machine. The main spindle runs at the speed of 4000 to 6000 RPM.it has an electric control panel with the digital screen, with setting of saw blade angle 900-450 degree.

UPS 3200A

Panel Saw

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Control Panel

  • Electric setting of saw blade angle 900-450
  • LED Light display on control panel for saw blade cutting height
  • LED- Light display on control panel for saw blade angle 900-450

Sliding Table

Extremely smooth running & multi chamber system with liner steel bar bearing for high life

Clamp for job

Manual clamp for short job cutting and safe cutting

The fence indicator is perfectly integrated into the body of the cross cut stop

Silent Features

  • Burr free cutting & right angle cutting.
  • Smart and heavy duty structure.
  • Can 450 degree for degree cutting, also can read digital and manual.
  • Extra support for wood sheet and high accurate cutting.
  • High precision and long life sliding table for work.