We are the most acknowledged Manufacturer and Exporter of beam saw machines in india.This machines are essentially developed to cut oversized objects at suitable rates. It contains a solid body along with ultimate 400mm long saw blade with excellent quality guide track for high productivity. The length of Workbench is 3200 mm; also there are multiple panels for exceptional cutting of work piece. Especially we have provided a highly developed Dust precipitating system in this machine to prevent the functioning background from saw dust.Pneumatric clamping system is given to hold an object for accurate working & uniform productivity. Here in this device we have endow with a PLC System for effortless using & controlling.

UBS 3200

Beam Saw

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Saw Carriages

  • The saw carriage hold 400 mm dia meter main blade and standard 180 mm dia meter scoring blades with independent motor
  • Protected by special dust scrapers
  • Pneumatic clamping for ensuring both ends clamping

Silent Features

  • After Automatically testing sheet material and calling off the length of needed sheet is will rapidly return to await orders.
  • The saw is Firm and High Quality Guide Track & Saw Blade ensure the stable mechanical performance.
  • Can saw many layers of boards to improve efficiency.
  • Advanced dust precipitating system can reduce environmental pollution.