Shree Umiya f-tech is renowned customer oriented manufacturer in woodworking industries .We are available with the terrifically developed Panel saw UPS 1600, the best solution for the most accurate and safe cutting process of the varied materials during carpentry work.

This machine is having the 1600 mm long and 360 mm wide sliding table, which is having the gross cut capacity of 1600 mm. The main saw spindle speed is 4000 to 6000 RPM as well the speed of scoring saw blade is 8000 r/min; it is utilize to create groove in work piece. This machine is operated by 4 kw electric motor. Additionally it has the universal Pneumatic Clamp that is highly useful for accurate finish in thin job. It also comprises the separate support to cut the work piece at 45° degree.

UPS 1600

Panel Saw - UPS 1600

Universal Pneumatic Clamp

A very useful accessory for thin work piece, and high accuracy cut of work pieces

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Degree support for 45° cut of work pieces